The whole family needs help

The family comprised the mother, father and three sons. Lately the sons have had many problems. It was suggested that the parents seek help from child welfare but they did not want it. After discussions the parents finally agreed. Means were found through child welfare to support every family member.

A mother can not cope alone

A mother arrived in Finland on her own with her six children. Everyday life in a new country was difficult, so the mother became exhausted. The workers at a day care centre were concerned. They encouraged the mother to ask for help from child welfare. A family worker began visiting the family home. She helped the mother to take care of the home and everyday matters. Little by little everyday life improved.

An adolescent is in trouble

12-year old Asif stole and fought. The parents were powerless. The school and child protection tried to help but Asif’s behaviour just got worse. Finally it was decided with the family that Asif be placed away from home for a while. During the placement professionals will work with the whole family. When the situation calms down Asif can go back home.

Conflicts between an adolescent and parents

Teenager Amal often quarreled with her parents. The parents did not accept Amal’s behaviour. Amal did not accept the parents’ strict discipline. The quarrels got worse and Amal ran away to the youth shelter. A shelter worker talked to Amal and arranged a meeting for the whole family. The issues were clarified by discussing them together.

A child with no permanent home

Anna’s parents were alcoholics and took drugs and they did not look after her. Child protection repeatedly placed the little girl away from home. The situation got worse. Anna’s father died and her mother could not get back on her feet. Child protection arranged a foster family for Anna. She is now doing well and meets with her mother regularly.

What happens after placement?

After-care When taking into care ends, a child or young person may still need help and support. This is called after-care. The purpose of after-care…

How is taking into care implemented?

Taking into care is prepared together with the family Taking into care is a long process, which is usually prepared in co-operation with the family….

When is a child placed away from home?

If the problems are so great that a child is not safe at home or from themselves, and there is no other way to change the situation, a child’s care must be arranged away from home. This is called placement of a child.

Child welfare and social services

It is the duty of social services to help children and families who need support. The aim is to offer help and support as early as possible, before problems arise.